Posted on Dec 30, 2019

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Replace a Ceiling Fan in Baton Rouge, LA
Did you know that replacing a ceiling fan is a simple way to update your decor? Manufacturers frequently change the style and design of ceiling fans, so they can quickly begin to look “dated.” Fortunately, it is straight-forward to replace an existing ceiling fan! If you live in Baton Rouge, LA 70810, we can install a new ceiling fan for you!

Benefits of a New Ceiling Fan

You can pick the style that you want
Many models come with a remote control
LED bulbs are standard on most new fans = energy efficiency!


How is the existing fixture mounted?
Most ceiling fans come with hardware for an angle-mount or down-rod mount installation. If the fan will be mounted on a sloped/angled ceiling (such as a cathedral ceiling), then it would need to be angle-mounted. If the fan will be installed on a regular flat ceiling, then a down-rod installation would be suitable.

Is the ceiling fan installed on the exterior or the interior of your home?
Many homes in south Louisiana have a ceiling fan on the porch. For any exterior installation, we recommend an exterior-rated product. It will hold up better and last longer in our humid and buggy conditions!

Will the new ceiling fan replace an existing ceiling fan?
If so, then we can install the new unit! If not, then we would most likely recommend that a licensed electrician evaluate the circuit and install the unit.
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